The Difference between Autocheck & CarFax….Do you know it?


Have you ever really taken a good look at either of these reports and understood what you were looking for? What does the rating stand for? Am I buying a quality vehicle?  Is the Dealer hiding something?

This is a quick lesson on how to read into the history on a vehicle. This can help you learn what you need to know when buying a used car from a dealership.

Here in Columbus, Ohio there are so many used car dealers. The competition is tough; the market is flooded with vehicles. Who knows what is better? To some it's an opinion. Mainly, the differences between the two is the ability to track certain items which the ‘other’ report doesn’t supply.

Exclusive Rights

AutoCheck is provided by Experian. They are one of the largest credit bureau companies in the United States.  They have proven to have exclusive rights and partnerships which only Experian has access to.

Carfax is an independent company established in 1984 -the main concern which Carfax was trying to prevent...was odometer fraud!

AutoCheck has effectively mastered reporting history on ‘Auction Cars’. At some point in time the vehicle has been auctioned off. It has the capability to show you how many times it’s been sold & how many times the title or registration has changed names / dealers.

Carfax has effectively mastered odometer reporting. Ensuring the consumer is aware of 'rollbacks' or 'odometer disputes'. 

The History of a Vehicle does impact the ‘Market Value’

AutoCheck gives you a more accurate analysis of the ‘Market Value’ of your vehicle. It takes into account the history, sales, registration flips, accidents & mileage information, then computes a overall ‘Score’. This score is compared against other VIN Numbers which are similar. If you’re looking at a report and it tells you on average your vehicle score is between 77-85 and the car you’re looking at shows a 95, you will be able to tell right away there were not a lot of owners, it hadn’t been to auction much, or just the history was minimal!  You know the vehicle has a good history.

Rader Car Company provides an AutoCheck for EVERY vehicle we sell.

Bonus that I will give Carfax

One thing I will say is Carfax supplies to the consumer that AutoCheck does not, is verifying mileage & history of the automobile maintenance record. Larger companies supply maintenance records. Dealerships like GMC, Chevy, Honda, Jeep, Chrysler etc.... report every time a customer takes their vehicles to get service work.  With costs rising, not everyone gets services completed at dealerships. Labor rates are expensive and you pay full price for work which is not guaranteed.


Accident History

Both companies can accurately provide certain information if an accident has occurred.  They can provide the date the report was take by officials. Sometimes it can tell you the location on a car where the damage was done & the severity of the damage. Whether it was towed, immobilized, moderate, severe…that type of info. Sometimes, they even provide you with the report number…Good luck on locating that report online though. Not all information is public!


No Matter What – Ask for one!

When you buy a vehicle from a used car dealership make sure they offer some type of history report. This can tremendously affect the value, the condition, and helps you understand how your next car was previously treated and maintained. Rader Car Company supplies you with an AutoCheck on every vehicle we have listed online. Visit our website at we willingly allow you to view each report & print it or save a copy of it. There is a link on each inventory item on the upper right hand side. We give you the freedom to view it anytime, day or night! This is your investment...why not protect it!